2 Full Days Study Skills Workshop for SAT Students: “SAT Strategy Summit: Two Days of Proven Techniques for Triumph”

Welcome to the SAT Strategy Summit, a two-day intensive workshop designed to equip SAT students with proven techniques for triumphing over the exam’s challenges. Over the course of this comprehensive program, participants will delve deep into the strategies, skills, and tactics essential for achieving success on the SAT. With a focus on personalized instruction, interactive activities, and targeted practice, this summit aims to empower students to approach the SAT with confidence and competence.


  1. SAT Structure Understanding: Gain a comprehensive understanding of the SAT exam’s format, sections, and timing to approach each part strategically.

  2. Critical Reading Skills: Develop critical reading skills to effectively analyze passages, identify main ideas, and answer questions accurately in the reading and writing sections.

  3. Mathematical Proficiency: Strengthen mathematical skills by reviewing fundamental concepts, mastering problem-solving techniques, and applying algebra, geometry, and trigonometry principles.

  4. Essay Writing Mastery: Learn how to construct a well-organized, persuasive essay with clear arguments, relevant examples, and proper grammar and syntax.

  5. Vocabulary Expansion: Expand vocabulary through targeted study methods, contextual learning, and practice exercises to tackle vocabulary-based questions confidently.

  6. Test-Taking Strategies: Acquire effective test-taking strategies, including time management, question prioritization, and strategic guessing, to maximize score potential.

  7. Practice Test Integration: Utilize practice tests to gauge progress, identify areas for improvement, and simulate real SAT testing conditions.

  8. Individualized Coaching: Receive personalized feedback and guidance from experienced instructors to address specific strengths and weaknesses.

  9. Collaborative Learning: Engage in collaborative activities and peer discussions to enhance learning and motivation.

  10. Motivational Support: Receive encouragement and motivation to stay focused, resilient, and determined throughout the preparation process.

  11. Goal Setting: Set achievable goals and develop action plans to track progress and stay on target.

  12. Resource Utilization: Learn how to effectively use SAT prep resources, including online tools, study guides, and practice materials.

  13. Reading Comprehension Strategies: Develop effective reading comprehension strategies, such as skimming, scanning, and summarizing, to improve passage understanding.

  14. Math Problem-Solving Techniques: Master various math problem-solving techniques, including algebraic manipulation, geometric visualization, and data analysis.

  15. Writing Revision Strategies: Enhance writing revision skills by learning techniques for editing, proofreading, and refining essay content and structure.

  16. Test Anxiety Management: Learn strategies to manage test anxiety and stress, including relaxation techniques, positive self-talk, and mindfulness exercises.

In conclusion, the SAT Strategy Summit provides a comprehensive and immersive experience designed to equip students with the skills, strategies, and confidence needed to excel on the SAT exam. Through a combination of targeted instruction, hands-on practice, and individualized coaching, participants will gain a deeper understanding of the exam’s content and structure, refine their critical thinking and problem-solving abilities, and develop effective test-taking techniques. By fostering a collaborative and supportive learning environment, the summit empowers students to overcome challenges, set and achieve their academic goals, and unlock future opportunities for success. As participants embark on their SAT preparation journey, they can approach the exam with confidence, knowing that they have the knowledge and tools necessary to perform at their best.

Date & Time: Drop us a message below for the latest dates, 9 AM – 5 PM
Fees: SGD$1689.97 (NO GST)
Location: Live Online Learning with a Trainer
Max Class Size: 6

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